1ST PLACE – “Untitled” by Lisa Holloway, USA
2ND PLACE – “Poochy blue” by Anne-Mai Pallo, Estonia
3rd PLACE – “Hello sister” by Emily Lucarz, USA

HONORABLE MENTION – “Awake” by Brittani Capetz, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Untitled” by Lisa Holloway, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Untitled” by Lisa Holloway, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Untitled” by Lisa Holloway, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Father’s Love” by Agnieszka Lawniczek, UK
HONORABLE MENTION – “Complete” by Emily Lucarz, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Filling the nest with love” by Katie Fiorillo, Australia
HONORABLE MENTION – “Wishbox newborn” by Ally Amos, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Sleeping Beauty” by Mascha Greuter, The Netherlands
HONORABLE MENTION – “Untitled” by Anne-Mai Pallo, Estonia
HONORABLE MENTION – “Safe” by Anne-Mai Pallo, Estonia
HONORABLE MENTION – “Sleeping Fairy” by Meagan Opel, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Me and my new human” by Aga Tetera, UK
HONORABLE MENTION – “The Almost Touch” by Aniya Emtage Legnaro, Barbados
HONORABLE MENTION – “Sweet Slumber” by Tina Krafts, USA



NOMINEE – “Sugar Sweet” by  Mascha Greuter, The Netherlands, NOMINEE – “Dishlicious” by Mascha Greuter, The Netherlands, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Anastasia Folman, Germany, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Anastasia Folman, Germany, NOMINEE – “Baby at home” by Emily Lucarz, USA, NOMINEE – “Daddy’s hands” by Emily Lucarz, USA, NOMINEE – “Honey Comb” by Tonia Lariviere, Canada, NOMINEE – “Just that look” by Aniya Emtage Legnaro, Barbados, NOMINEE – “Hats on” by Aniya Emtage Legnaro, Barbados, NOMINEE – “Freckles and fish lips” by Aniya Emtage Legnaro, Barbados, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Aoife Millea, Ireland, NOMINEE – “Unconditional” by Anne-Mai Pallo, Estonia, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Anne-Mai Pallo, Estonia, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Lisa Holloway, USA, NOMINEE – “Angel” by Estudio Jiménez, Spain, NOMINEE – “Bodyguard” by Elena Jongman, The Netherlands, NOMINEE – “Circle of life” by Elena Jongman, The Netherlands, NOMINEE – “Luca” by Agnieszka Lawniczek, UK,  NOMINEE – “Cosy” by Agnieszka Lawniczek, UK, NOMINEE – Tiany” by Agnieszka Lawniczek, UK, NOMINEE – “13 days old identical twins” by Aga Tetera, UK, NOMINEE – “Peaceful moment” by Aga Tetera, UK, NOMINEE – “Wedstrijd” by Heidi Breugelmans, Belgium, NOMINEE – “Flower Baby” by Kimi Carrier, NOMINEE – “Snow Baby” by by Kimi Carrier, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Zaneta Zrzycka, UK, NOMINEE – “Caldwell” by Alicia Poreda, USA, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Alicia Poreda, USA, NOMINEE – “Newborn in parents bed” by Marta Schmidt, Spain, NOMINEE – “My treasure” by Ann Jazukiewicz, Poland, NOMINEE – “Daddy’s girl” by Ann Jazukiewicz, Poland, NOMINEE – “Pure love” by Ann Jazukiewicz, Poland, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Danielle Kilgore, Canada, NOMINEE – “Fall Baby” by Danielle Kilgore, Canada, NOMINEE – “Father and son” by Danielle Kilgore, Canada, NOMINEE – “The Autumn Twins” by Miriam Skeide Brandstad, Norway, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Maja Szumylo, Australia, NOMINEE – “Purity” by Tina Krafts, USA, NOMINEE – “Innocence” by Tina Krafts, USA, NOMINEE – “Pure” by Tina Krafts, USA, NOMINEE – “Sweet Dreams” by Tina Krafts, USA, NOMINEE – “Rocker Baby” by Emma Stasko, USA, “Untitled” by Elena Teverovskaya, Russia, “Untitled” by Elena Teverovskaya, Russia, “Untitled” by Crys Bogan, USA, NOMINEE – “Newborn” by Ann Woodard, USA, NOMINEE – “Love” by Gabriele Dabasinskaite,USA, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Gabriele Dabasinskaite,USA, NOMINEE – “Bath Time” by Nadia Stone, France, NOMINEE – “Snuggle Bunny” by Jessica Pugliese, USA, NOMINEE – “The bird in the nest” by Noor Ziyad, Jordan, NOMINEE – “The Peacock” by Noor Ziyad, Jordan, NOMINEE – “Thinking” by Noor Ziyad, Jordan, NOMINEE – “Big Sister” by Meghan Dub, USA, NOMINEE- “Untitled” by Raquel ARRUÑADA, Spain, NOMINE – “Untitled” by Sane Smits, The Netherlands




1ST PLACE – “Untitled” by by Karolina Piórkowska, Poland
2ND PLACE – “Forever Protected” by Kristyn Fishleigh, Canada
3rd PLACE – “Maly” by Karolina Piórkowska, Poland

HONORABLE MENTION – “Untitled” by Elwira Maciejewski, USA
HONORABLE MENTION – “Safe Sound” by Kristyn Fishleigh, Canada
HONORABLE MENTION – “Kaiyah” by Jennifer Gaudette, Canada



NOMINEE – “Painted Grey” by Kristyn Fishleigh, Canada, NOMINEE – “Little Love” by Kristyn Fishleigh, Canada, NOMINEE – “Baby Doll” by Natalie Buck, USA, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Natalie Buck, USA, NOMINEE – “Tiny” by Christine Kapuschinsky, USA, NOMINEE – Malgorzata Glogowska-Opyd, Norway, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Daiva Keates, UK, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Anna Kowa, Russia, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Anna Kowa, Russia, NOMINEE – “First Look” by Kristyn Fishleigh, Canada, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Jessica Coates, USA, NOMINEE – “Untitled” by Karolina Piórkowska, Poland